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How to choose a roof for your house

The roof is a crucial part of the construction of a house. So many vital issues should be taken into consideration when choosing the type of roof to install for your house. When choosing a roof for either a new or existing home, aesthetics are critical. Below are what you need to know when choosing roof for your house:



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Some choices will affect the value of the roof such as the price of the materials, cost of labor, but other factors equally must be considered. The shape of the roof is another foreplay factor. A gable roof with no or few breaks in its plane such as chimneys, dormers or vent pipes makes for a simple and cheaper roofing job. This is unlike a house that requires several chimneys, turrets, skylights, intersecting roof-lines or else known as valleys, and other elements which will significantly cost more.


Materials needed


Roofing requires some specific type of materials. For instance, a flat roof of low slope might demand a different surface from a roof of the steeper pitch. Also, the weight of materials to be used is to be considered, for instance, materials like slate and tiles are comparatively heavy, so the structure of many houses is unable to carry the load. You should consider the materials listed below:



Slate is one of the most durable of all materials for roofing. Not all slate is the same, but the best of it will outlast the fasteners and hold it peacefully in place.


Tile and cement

The half cylinders of tile roofing are common on mission styles; cement and certain metal roofs imitate tiles waving effect. All are expensive but very durable.



Aluminum, copper, steel, and lead are all expensive and very much durable roofing surfaces. The metal roofs cost about $300 per square but often requires more than that.



Wood has remained the primary choice for ages, and it is still a better option, though in some places fire breakouts forbid its use. It is usually made of redwood, cedar, or southern pine; shingles are split or swan. They have a good life expectancy of 25-years range but cost an average of twice as much.





Making of the choice


In the case of remodeling, the existing roof of your house will decide your choice of roofing material. In making choices not only the cost will be considered but also the color, weight, durability, and texture of your options, as well as what has been used before on houses like yours.




Installation format


Tile RoofingOn the choices of roofing surface, flashing is needed. Flashing is an essential and critical part of all external work. Flashing requires metal (aluminum or copper) or plastic film .Whatever the choice of roofing materials; the coursing should be regular, definite to the eye and parallel to roof edges. The joints should be fixed accurately to avoid leakages. Beware of people who rely on tar for joints. Except for own roofs where a membrane is used because the resin is not a very strong metal and should not be used on new roofing surface. When choosing the type of roof to apply ensure all standards are met to avoid leakages, subsequent repairs, and breakages.