July Solo Gallery 

Carolyn Ellington – Acrylic Paintings

July 1 – 28

Manatee County Cultural Alliance, dba, Arts Council of Manatee County, has a throwback show in store for guests for the First Friday Art Walk on July 1, in Village of the Arts, Bradenton.  Carolyn Ellington, an acrylic artist, will be unveiling her historically inspired “floorcloths” that dazzle any room in your home or office.  Her solo exhibition will run from July 1- 28 with an opening reception on July 1, 6:00-9:30 pm.


“Banana Tree”, 4′ 3″x 6′ 1/2″

Carolyn is a Lakeland, Fl. resident who began her art career in the early 70’s.  She showed her oil paintings at art shows during that time until she started a family, which took precedence over her art career, so she hung up her brushes for many years until her two children entered college.

     During her painting hiatus, she enjoyed researching the history of antiques and exploring the contents of historic homes.  This curiosity led her to discover the glory days of “floorcloths” that were used for utilitarian purposes in the 1400’s.  Over time, the colorful cloths became a status symbol for the wealthy citizens.
     Long ago, “floorcloths” were extremely time consuming to make, taking up to three months to complete.  Currently, an artist has access to faster drying paints and modern ways of sealing the cloth for quicker completion. They are made from canvas, with layers of acrylic paints and then treated so that they are durable and can be wiped off to keep clean.
     Carolyn’s “floorcloths” are all unique and colorful, ranging from historic replicas to fun loving animals or nature inspired designs.  She makes them in various sizes, with the smallest being 2×3.  Extra large sizes can be made specifically for the customers’ needs. Each “floorcloth” is a special eye catching conversational art piece.

“Family Outing”, 3’x 3′ 10″

     This show will entice home decorating buffs who love special, one of a kind art pieces to collect.  Brighten any room and create a new welcoming atmosphere in the home by adding art to the floor!

 Visitors will also enjoy live music on the veranda July 1, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

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