Six Safety Tips for Moving Furniture

Moving heavy furniture can prove to be a challenging task and comes with many risks of injuries. If you wish to stay away from these injuries as well as potential damages to your property or scuffs you must put in place proper furniture moving safety procedures. If you are planning to move heavy furniture, you should have it moved by professional experts. However, if you feel like doing the task yourself, the following tips will help you to move furniture without much struggle.

Take apart furniture

Moving large pieces of furniture like queen size and king size beds, dressers, bookshelves just to mention a few is a hard task than most think during the moving day because of their size. Make sure that you keenly disassemble the furniture before shifting it. If the pieces of furniture are too large, weirdly shaped or heavy to be moved down stair or through doorways, don’t forget to disassemble them and keep the pieces together for quick reassembly.


If you wish to prevent damage to your furniture as well as your body you must prepare the area to get rid of any danger before you start moving. After identifying the hazardous spots where the furniture will be placed out of your home, try to make them as safe as possible. Its worth noting that clutter could pose a huge hazard and that pathways should remain clear. Make sure that the pathways are also free of slippery substances like mud to increase traction.


Seek help

toolsDon’t attempt to move heavy furniture on your own because the chances are that you might get hurt in the process. It becomes much safer when you work with a group of people. If you dislike the idea of hiring licensed moving experts, you can request your friends or family.

Use furniture pads

If you will be moving everything on your own, it’s necessary that you get furniture pads. They will guarantee that all your furniture arrives at your destination without any damage. When moving furniture from your home to the truck carrying it can be a challenging task, and the chances are that you might damage the walls of the furniture. If you wish to prevent such issues wrap your furniture using the pads to reduce the impact with the walls or other obstacles.

Use proper equipment

Using the right equipment will make the process of moving furniture a breeze. For instance, using a furniture slider will prevent your floor from scuffs and make it a breeze to push hefty furniture across the room by getting rid of friction. Also, using moving straps to redistribute the weight of heavy objects you are carrying from your back to other parts of the body.


Wear proper gear

moving toolsMake sure that you put on proper gear to remain comfortable, flexible and cool. Don’t choose tight clothing when moving furniture because they might get damaged or hinder you from moving freely. And that is not all. Closed toe rubber-soled shoes will give you ankle support and lots of traction. Lastly, don’t forget to wear high-end gloves to improve grip and give you protection at the same time.…


Top Benefits of Hiring Home Cleaning Services

Cleaning your house entails a lot of work which can be very overwhelming more so if you have other duties that you do. For instance, if you go to work it may be difficult for you to clean your home appropriately. There are some places you may miss to clean like removing cobwebs and even your windows. In such a case it is advisable you hire Green Cleaning Services Portland which has experts who will clean your house professionally. Since the experts are trained on home cleaning, they will offer quality services which will be worth your money. Hiring professional cleaning services will help you in various ways. Listed in this article are some of the advantages you will get when you hire house cleaning services.

You will save time

Once you choose to hire professional home cleaners, you will be in a position to save time. When you run all the errandscleaning in your house by yourself, you will always be on toes, and this will not be good. Your home needs to be a place where you receive comfort after a long day at work. Therefore when you want to have extra time to relax and have some good time you should avoid some tasks like cleaning and hiring cleaning experts to do the cleaning work for you.

You will receive quality services

Professional cleaners have the expertise and experience in offering cleaning services for homes. Once you welcome them to your home to clean the house, they will offer quality services. The experts have expertise in cleaning all the areas of the house. They will ensure both the floor, windows and even walls are cleaned and be in perfect shape. Nothing will give you such a relaxation like getting to a clean home after a hectic day.

You will save money

cleaningWhen you clean your home, you will need to purchase some home cleaning equipment which might cost you a fortune. On the other hand, you will be required to purchase cleaning products regularly. This costs will see you spend a lot of money which you could save by hiring cleaning services. Cleaning experts have their cleaning equipment and products that they use when they come cleaning your house. This means you will not buy these products hence translating to saving money.

Your needs will be taken care of

Professional home cleaners understand that you have some preference for how your home should be cleaned. For this reason, they will ask you to know some preferred products which you would like if they are used in cleaning.…

church roof

How to choose a roof for your house

The roof is a crucial part of the construction of a house. So many vital issues should be taken into consideration when choosing the type of roof to install for your house. When choosing a roof for either a new or existing home, aesthetics are critical. Below are what you need to know when choosing roof for your house:



wood roof

Some choices will affect the value of the roof such as the price of the materials, cost of labor, but other factors equally must be considered. The shape of the roof is another foreplay factor. A gable roof with no or few breaks in its plane such as chimneys, dormers or vent pipes makes for a simple and cheaper roofing job. This is unlike a house that requires several chimneys, turrets, skylights, intersecting roof-lines or else known as valleys, and other elements which will significantly cost more.


Materials needed


Roofing requires some specific type of materials. For instance, a flat roof of low slope might demand a different surface from a roof of the steeper pitch. Also, the weight of materials to be used is to be considered, for instance, materials like slate and tiles are comparatively heavy, so the structure of many houses is unable to carry the load. You should consider the materials listed below:



Slate is one of the most durable of all materials for roofing. Not all slate is the same, but the best of it will outlast the fasteners and hold it peacefully in place.


Tile and cement

The half cylinders of tile roofing are common on mission styles; cement and certain metal roofs imitate tiles waving effect. All are expensive but very durable.



Aluminum, copper, steel, and lead are all expensive and very much durable roofing surfaces. The metal roofs cost about $300 per square but often requires more than that.



Wood has remained the primary choice for ages, and it is still a better option, though in some places fire breakouts forbid its use. It is usually made of redwood, cedar, or southern pine; shingles are split or swan. They have a good life expectancy of 25-years range but cost an average of twice as much.





Making of the choice


In the case of remodeling, the existing roof of your house will decide your choice of roofing material. In making choices not only the cost will be considered but also the color, weight, durability, and texture of your options, as well as what has been used before on houses like yours.




Installation format


Tile RoofingOn the choices of roofing surface, flashing is needed. Flashing is an essential and critical part of all external work. Flashing requires metal (aluminum or copper) or plastic film .Whatever the choice of roofing materials; the coursing should be regular, definite to the eye and parallel to roof edges. The joints should be fixed accurately to avoid leakages. Beware of people who rely on tar for joints. Except for own roofs where a membrane is used because the resin is not a very strong metal and should not be used on new roofing surface. When choosing the type of roof to apply ensure all standards are met to avoid leakages, subsequent repairs, and breakages.


renovated house

The Benefits of Renovating your House

Whether, you are looking to transfigure your home to put it on the flea, or merely wish to intensify your living environment, renovating your house is the perfect option to consider. But why should you do the whole thing? Well, many people fail to provide an excellent answer to this, and if you are one of them, then you got the right text. The context below will outline benefits of renovating your home and how to go about the whole thing. Here are the reasons as to why you should consider home renovation:


Property value increase


house under repair

The whole process involves giving your house a new look, and if you had a point of introducing your house to potential buyers, then the appearance will determine how much you will receive. All the way from new covers of paints to your appliance and fixtures, upgrades will give that property a doable form that will not only attract new buyers but also increase its price. Knowing the colors and palette designs to utilize will do better. Make sure you choose the best person to do the fittings.



Reduces Utility Expenses


When people think of house renovation; they associate it with just visible and lavish improvements to your house. In many cases this involves replacement or application of fresh paint to finish the layout color and redesign the color scheme. But, one significant good part of renovating your house is upgrading the old plumbing and fixtures to modern and extra efficient power models which reasonably minimize the power usage and increase efficiency. Upgrading your fixtures and plumbing alone can introduce a considerable difference in both power consumption and time. Likewise, updating or replacing faucets and fixture will immediately modernize and revitalize your house, and trust me it will ultimately reduce some bills.


It allows you to customize the space of your room


house paintingHouse renovation allows you to customize a living place, which reflects your existing interest. A new coat of paint, landscape, or even a new door give your friends a strong impression of your taste and style. Whether it is a property you are looking to earn cash by selling, or making the house into a living place, renovation allows you to have full control and gives you a chance to create something that you like. And by doing this, you improve the ability to create a robust cohesive format that reflects your world and taste. Regardless of your taste, style or budget, everything is achievable if only you embrace home renovation. You will get all the benefits if you choose the best person to do the work. Ensure that you check on the variety available and consider the best.